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Arroyo Geoscience Inc., Geotechnical Engineering, Glendale, CA
Arroyo Geoscience Inc., Geotechnical Engineering, Glendale, CA

Office: 818-967-5977

A-HAZ Engineering Contractor Lic. No. 1062092


Arroyo Geoscience has been in the environmental engineering, soil vapor consulting and contracting business since its establishment in 2013. Our team includes Shant Minas, founder, Suresh Basnet, principal design engineer, and Vince Mehrabian, deputy methane barrier inspector and field supervisor.


Over 50 years of credible experience in soil vapor mitigation testing, design, installation, inspections, problem solving and consultation. Alongside our affiliated environmental consulting firm, we have performed over five hundred methane installation projects over the last 20 years.


Many vapor barrier design and installation projects involve interdisciplinary challenges that requires knowledge of structural and geotechnical engineering, as well as engineering geology, in addition to environmental engineering.

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There is no environmental engineering/contracting challenge that we cannot take on and find a cost-effective solution! Please submit your Request for Proposal, or call us now to discuss how we can help your project. 818-967-5977.

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A Hybrid Engineering and Contracting Firm

Arroyo Geoscience is a engineering contracting company based out of Los Angeles.  We specialize in bridging the gap between geotechnical and environmental engineering, and environmental contracting, remediation, and installation of environmental mitigation systems.

Our team brings together specialists in several different interdisciplinary professions, including civil and geotechnical engineers, engineering and environmental geologists, environmental engineers, expert technical drafting team, and septic system engineers and consultants.

While many other firms specialize in one or the other but rarely both. We at Arroyo Geoscience realize that many projects require the professional expertise of geotechnical as well as geological and environmental experts, as well as engineering contractor expertise.

What is an Arroyo?

Those of us who were not raised in the southwest may not be familiar with the term Arroyo.

Arroyo is a Spanish term for a stream, but in the Southwest, the term is commonly applied to stream beds that are dry most of the time.  The southern California area is famous for its many arroyos, including the Arroyo Seco and the Los Angeles River. 

We chose Arroyo for our company name because of its intimate connection with the southwest United States, and also because arroyos are environmentally sensitive areas.

The ArroyoGeo Way

Industry Expertise

We have over 35 years of experience, know-how and industry knowledge to provide a wide and varying range of engineering and contracting services to our clients, professionally and at a good value.

Great Customer Value

For specialized construction of building that require a sound technical knowledge, such as vapor mitigation systems, it is important that the contracting firm have a strong technical engineering and scientific background. At Arroyo, we rely on our wealth of human and technological resources to provide a great customer value.

Services Offered

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