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Engineering Geology

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Fault Hazard Studies and Reports

Many projects in the greater southern California area require the expertise of a Los Angeles engineering geologist and/or geotechnical engineer to investigate sites and provide recommendations for site mitigation. We have over 200 years of combined experience in engineering, geological, environmental consulting and construction. Geotechnical engineering work is conducted through our affiliate company AES. For a full description of services, please visit AES website (RFP).

Typical projects that require engineering geologists to characterize the site include hillside grading areas, fault zone areas, liquefaction zones and landslide zones.

Arroyo Geoscience provides the complete spectrum of environmental site assessments from basic services such as a transaction screen and research, to thorough investigations, and remediation services through our affiliated companies.

This service is performed typically when a commercial property is changing hands, often at the request of the buyer or buyer’s bank. ESAs can often lead to intrusive site investigations whereby subsurface soils and groundwater are sampled and tested to determine if a site is contaminated.

Engineering-Geological services provided by Arroyo

The state of California, as well as several local agencies, has delineated earthquake hazard zones where earthquake faults are thought to rupture the surface. In these zones, a subsurface fault study is often necessary to rule out the presence of active faults. 

Shant Minas has been performing fault studies since 2005. We can provide fault studies and soil engineering reports along with other services.

Speak with us before purchasing your hillside home or land.  Make sure there are no structural or other geologic hazards with the site before making the investment.  Our team of expert geologists can give you a full professional assessment and report so you can make a sound decision.

Properties within a delineated fault zone need an earthquake fault study to be performed by an engineering geologist.  This study ensures that the fault, or a strand or branch thereof, does not cross through the property before building permits can be issued in Los Angeles.

If you’re concerned about the condition of the slopes around your property, speak with our team immediately.  If you’ve already expeerienced a landslide on your property, you’ll need a geologist to analyze and repair the problem.  We have extensive experience in the process required to repair a hillside properly.  Trust our team to do the job from start to finish.

Debirs flows are considered as both landslides and flooding hazards, causing significant damage to homes and other structures in their path.  Proper investigation is highly recommended for homes and other important structures before they’re build to ensure that the potential for these hazards are mitigated.

We used aerial photography to obtain both qualitative and quantitative geologic information about a site.  This technique, known as photogeology,  significantly increases the efficiency, speed and accuracy of the whole geologic mapping process. 

If you’ve decided to build your new home on a piece of land or are going to do room additions to an existing property, you’ll need a geology and soils report during the plan check process.  We provide full geology and or soil reports that are required by the City of Los Angeles for such projects.  Speak with our team about your project today and do it right the first time.

The geologic site characterization is a process which provides geophysical and geological information about the subsurface at a particular site.  This process is crucial to determine if a site or parcel of land has any contamination beneath the surface.  Furthermore, we can determine the type of contaminant released into the ground, conduct soil and gas analysis and mitigation and much more. 

City of Los Angeles requires a deputy grading inspector for certain projects involving property lines, retaining walls, shoring and few others.  Our team will be on site on your project to make sure the work performed is in compliance with the current Los Angeles building codes.

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