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Environmental Contracting

We at Arroyo have extensive expertise with contracting per ASTM 1527-05 standard, also known as Phase I environmental site assessments (ESA). 

This service is performed typically when a commercial property is changing hands, often at the request of the buyer or buyer’s bank.  ESAs can often lead to intrusive site investigations whereby subsurface soils and groundwater are sampled and tested to determine if a site is contaminated. 

Arroyo Geoscience provides the complete spectrum of environmental site assessments from basic services such as a transaction screen and research, to thorough investigations, and remediation services through our affiliated companies.

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Are you in the market for a new commercial property in the southern California area?

If so you will need an experienced environmental specialist to provide an environmental assessment report before the sale is finalized. The level of assessment is commensurate with the risk level tolerated prior to purchase. If the property is believed to have been impacted by past uses, then a “Phase II” investigation may be warranted, whereas for many properties a “Phase I” assessment may be sufficient as a starting step.

Reports Provided

Phase I report includes a site reconnaissance, research of prior building permits, and research of several regional and federal databases of environmental-related information that pertains to the property in question.

Phase II report typically involves subsurface exploration in the form of boreholes or monitoring wells, a sampling and laboratory testing program, and hydrogeological and environmental site characterization based on field and lab test results. Sean Minas, principal at Arroyo Geoscience, is an environmental professional with seven years of experience with environmental due diligence.

Most property investors as well as banks and other lending institutions try to evaluate a property for the potential environmental risks that it may have prior to purchasing the property. Most common method is the Transaction Screen and phase I Environmental Site Assessment.

The main purpose of a an environmental site assessment is to determine whether a particular parcel of land is suitable for purchase to develop on or not.  No one wants to purchase a piece of land and find out later that it has hazardous material on it or other REA’s (recognized environmental conditions). Learn more.

While the Phase One Environmental assessment report provides much data about a particular site’s past history and risk of contamination, it does not involve any intrusive sampling and testing of soil or groundwater. Phase II environmental investigations, typically following Phase One Environmental Assessments, involve the sampling of subsurface soil and rock materials to determine the presence and extent of contaminants. The sampling is performed to regulatory standards and makes use of the latest drilling techniques; this ensures the subsurface is not overly disturbed and also limits unnecessary waste. Often, samping of soils is combined with sampling of soil vapors using onsite mobile laboratory to provide the highest quality cross-referenced data. Phase II investigation reports are often submitted to regulatory agencies for peer review and approval.

Testing and site characterization from the site investigation is used to determine whether remedial soil and groundwater mitigation is necessary on a subject site. Learn more.

Typically, after an environmental investigation indicates contaminated zones on a property, there will be a need for remediation recommendations and actual removal of contaminants, by either removal and hauling offsite, or by in-situ remediation. Arroyo is a licensed A-HAZ environmental engineering contractor authorized to remove hazardous waste substances and engage in site remediation activities on a contaminated site. During the course of actual remediation, Arroyo will closely monitor, inspect, and test to confirm the objectives of the remediation are reached, and interface with stakeholders and regulatory agencies as needed until “Case Closure” is attained. Learn more.

This is the process of understanding how water interacts with the surface and sub-surface at a contaminated location or parcel of land.

For major construction projects located in areas with shallow groundwater, the regulatory agencies require a water quality report before water originated from the site can be channeled to off-site storm drains. This requires taking a representative water quality sample from the site, and laboratory testing of selected samples to ensure contaminant levels in the water sample do not exceed specified amounts for any of the several regulated substances or compounds.  Arroyo Geoscience provides this service to our customers.

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