Environmental Engineering and Contracting

Arroyo Geoscience Inc., Geotechnical Engineering, Glendale, CA
Arroyo Geoscience Inc., Geotechnical Engineering, Glendale, CA

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A-HAZ Engineering Contractor Lic. No. 1062092

Environmental Contracting

Remediation Recommendations & Consulting

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Phase 3: Remediation Consulting

Typically, after an environmental investigation indicates contaminated zones on a property, there will be a need for remediation recommendations and the actual removal of contaminants, by either removal and hauling offsite, or by in-situ remediation.

Arroyo is a licensed A-HAZ environmental engineering contractor authorized to remove hazardous waste substances and engage in site remediation activities on a contaminated site.

During the course of actual remediation, Arroyo will closely monitor, inspect, and test to confirm the objectives of the remediation are reached, and interface with stakeholders and regulatory agencies as needed until “Case Closure” is attained.


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Environmental Contracting

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Environmental Contracting