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Expert Geologists in Los Angeles

Los Angeles geology

Los Angeles has a long and rich cultural history, but it has an equally interesting geologic history. The city is split between two different geomorphic provinces of California: whereas the San Fernando Valley is located in the Transverse Ranges province, the LA Basin is located in the upper reaches of the Peninsular Ranges province. 

The separation is provided by the Santa Monica Mountain Range, which bisects the city from east to west.

Common Geologic Hazards in Los Angeles

The Santa Monica Mountains are a peculiar mountain range. Hundreds of thousands of residents call the mountain range home; natural areas within the mountains provide home and refuge for several indigenous species of southern California. The mountain ranges also provide hikers and bikers a great time in one of several recreation areas within the mountains.

However, the mountains are also prone to several geologic hazards, the most common of these include landslides, mudflows, and earthquake-induced liquefaction. Who finds and explores these hazards, and who determines where are the highest risk areas for these hazards? Geologists, of course!

Indeed, slope stability problems exist in all mountains and hills in the southern California area. Likewise, not all of the geologic hazards are in the hills. Methane zones, fault zones, and liquefaction zones are typically located within the flatlands, valleys, and basins.

Practicing Geology in Los Angeles

To practice geology in California requires the combination of a solid academic understanding of the geologic history of the area; thorough working knowledge of the laws and regulations affecting the practice in different municipalities; and work experience in different capacities and across knowledge areas.

Shant Minas of Arroyo Geoscience is the ideal Los Angeles geologist, having earned his degrees at local universities, having worked mostly in southern California, and having had interdisciplinary experience in environmental as well as engineering geology, and project management.