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Methane Mitigation System

Installation of Methane Mitigation System (phase III)

City & County Code Requirements

Several cities and counties in the southern California area used to have vast oil fields. Other areas were formerly marshland. Methane, or natural gas, exists in the shallow subsurface in many geographical areas across southern California. Recently enacted buildings codes require site testing for methane and subsequent methane design based on site Design Level. At Arroyo, we can determine if methane testing on a site is justified or required; we can perform the methane testing, and follow up with a methane mitigation design once the concentration and pressure of methane have been determined after testing.

In many cases, methane testing is conducted simultaneously with soil report sampling for geotechnical engineering investigations. This saves the client time and money by having both services performed at once.

Lastly, we have licensed Deputy Methane Barrier Inspectors on our team that will perform an inspection during the construction phase to ensure that the design requirements are met and components are installed successfully.  


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