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Arroyo Geoscience Inc., Geotechnical Engineering, Glendale, CA

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Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems

Certain cities in the southern California area do not have public sewer systems. Property owners rely on private onsite sewage disposal systems. Today, before a vacant site is developed, or if a property with an existing but outdated OWTS is being considered for renewal or redevelopment, a geologic feasibility study is necessary to determine if a given site is suitable for installation of an OWTS.

Arroyo Geoscience provides this service, from A to Z. A geologist in Los Angeles will determine what type of system is most likely to be suitable for a site, prepare a field testing program, drilling and downhole logging, and field percolation testing. Following calculation, we provide a feasibility study and report as well as a design for the OWTS based on-site testing.


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As always, at Arroyo we determine which of the several services we offer might benefit the client, and whenever advantageous to the client, we combine services and perform several tests simultaneously: Geotechnical engineering, soil engineering testing, and chemical testing services.

Whenever necessary we team with other geoscience professionals and colleagues active around southern California to augment our services.

Most homes that are not served by a public sewer system will have a septic tank, a.k.a OWTS installed.  Often times these systems are not installed properly and often need to be replaced as a result of poor construction.  Our team conducts thorough testing and provides multiple reports to ensure proper installation of the onsite wastewater treatment system.

The field percolation test is performed to determine the permeability of soil or rock, and is often augmented and cross-checked with permeability and porosity testing in the lab. It’s another type of soil test.

During the design phase, we take into account the site layout, topography, surface area, and surface conditions.  Our designs include state-of-the-art tanks and filtration systems.  Our team can also provide site inspection and consultation with the contractors during the installation phase.

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