Environmental Engineering and Contracting

Arroyo Geoscience Inc., Geotechnical Engineering, Glendale, CA
Arroyo Geoscience Inc., Geotechnical Engineering, Glendale, CA

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Environmental Contracting

Environmental Site Assessment

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Phase 1: Site Assessment

Lenders, brokers, and managers need to know if a property in question has had a history of uses that may have resulted in contamination of local soil and groundwater.

Typically known as an ESA or “Phase One,” environmental assessment is the most basic service in this category; it includes a thorough site walk, a review of an extensive array of documents pertaining to the history of land uses at and in the vicinity of the site, review of building permits, and is concluded with a comprehensive site assessment and environmental report.

Arroyo prepared hundreds of these assessments every year with its affiliate company AES. This Phase I assessment most often determines if an additional investigation or remedial cleanup work is necessary on a given site.


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Phase 2: Site Characterization

Environmental Contracting

Phase 3: Site Remediation

Environmental Contracting