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Environmental Contracting

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Phase 2: Site Characterization

While the Phase One Environmental assessment report provides much data about a particular site’s past history and risk of contamination, it does not involve any intrusive sampling and testing of soil or groundwater.

Phase II environmental investigations, typically following Phase One Environmental Assessments, involve the sampling of subsurface soil and rock materials to determine the presence and extent of contaminants.

The sampling is performed to regulatory standards and makes use of the latest drilling techniques; this ensures the subsurface is not overly disturbed and also limits unnecessary waste.

Often, sampling of soils is combined with a sampling of soil vapors using an onsite mobile laboratory to provide the highest quality cross-referenced data. Phase II investigation reports are often submitted to regulatory agencies for peer review and approval.

Testing and site characterization from the site investigation is used to determine whether remedial soil and groundwater mitigation is necessary on a subject site.


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Environmental Contracting