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Standard Urban Stormwater Mitigation Plan

(SUSMP) Percolation Testing

Recently, governmental agencies from the state down to local cities have enacted legislation to encourage the infiltration of locally sourced stormwater back into the ground, as a measure of reducing urban stormwater runoff into the ocean, which is typically laden with contaminants of all kinds. 

Stormwater infiltration, when implemented on the right site, can result in many benefits. Urban runoff is reduced, soil columns often provide the most natural and cost-effective means of decontamination of stormwater, and local groundwater resources have the potential to be replenished. Prior to the design of a SUSMP, however, site-specific percolation testing must be performed to determine a given site’s suitability for receiving water.

Arroyo geoscientists have several years of experience in this field and provide percolation soil engineering testing and soil reports per city or county requirements, often in conjunction with related geotechnical and environmental services.


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